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Heal. Transform. Master. Create.

Come as you are but do not stay as you are...

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Discover Transformational Retreats at St Catherine's Cottage

Situated in the woods of Windermere in the beautiful Lake District, Sam and Greg offer immersive retreats for those looking to create change or find a deeper purpose and meaning.

Here you can find out a little more about us. You might even find out a little more about yourself!

Discover your path to inner freedom. 


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About us 

In May 2020 Sam and Greg decided to open up their beautiful home to those seeking support on their path and opened St Catherine's Retreats. 

Being lost in the mind is like being a child, separated from their parents, and lost in a crowd.

Our purpose is to help individuals and businesses fulfill their true potential.


1-2-1 Coaching with Greg


Personal Coaching

Would you like to work through issues or challenges in your life with support from a coach?


How many reasons do you need to get out of the mind and into the heart?



Join us for a transformational retreat in the heart of the beautiful Lake District.

Mudra Meditation

"Continuous training is one of the keys to success. Most people give up just before they reach their goals. As my spiritual teacher, Grieg, instilled in me from a young age: "practice makes the master...""


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