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Greg Garrett

Climbing my personal Everest

After over 25 years as an established Coach and Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), I have shifted my focus and direction in life to sharing my knowledge and inspiring others to make positive changes.

I see the agitated mind as the number one challenge facing humanity today. I am currently writing a book, 'A Journey To Unconditional Happiness', based on my own mental journey to share insights about what really works with anyone who is prepared to listen.

Just like conquering Mount Everest, I  recognise that the climb ahead, on everybody's life path, is very steep at times and full of challenges. Regardless of the path of personal growth chosen, rather than just scratching the surface, I advocate understanding real success, measuring progress, staying focused, digging deeper and making super efforts to keep ascending.

I co-founded One Breath Global  in 2017. An international movement changing people's lives… one breath at a time. My ongoing contributions continue to bring new and refreshing ideas that change problems and transform lives. My regular videos, podcasts, and blog posts are planting seeds and inspiring transformations around the world.

As an advocate for personal development, I encourage each of you to master the skills that will have the biggest impact and create changes in your life, as well as the lives of those around you.

With a wealth of knowledge from countless courses, practices, and teachers over the last 25 years, from all around the world, I have studied under some of the world's leading coaches and spiritual guides. Dedicated to my own personal practices daily, including Breathwork, Meditation, Yoga and Tantra, my philosophy is to “Come as you are, don’t stay as you are."

We are in the dark ages. Few people understand the concerted effort required to truly transform their professional, personal and spiritual lives and in turn, transform the World.

Are you looking for personal growth? 

Are you, like me, seeking an abundant, peaceful and happy life? 

Are you ready to totally TRANSFORM your mind in order to change your life? 

Take a look at my upcoming courses and retreats in the beautiful Lake District (UK). 


1-2-1 Coaching with Greg

Personal Coaching

Would you like to work through issues or challenges in your life with support from a coach?


Samantha Pilbeam 

Promoting Health & Well-Being

Hi, I'm Sam, I co-founded St Catherine’s Retreats in Windermere with my partner Greg.

St Catherine’s Cottage is situated in the woods, on the doorstep of fabulous walks with a view of the famous Lake Windermere. It is a place of outstanding natural beauty and the house seemed to be the perfect location for people to come and stay while they heal, transform and consciously evolve.

I have been a ‘seeker’ all my life and was introduced to meditation at aged 5 by my parents. I then went on to learn Transcendental Meditation or TM as it’s more commonly know, at age 14.  It was a very useful tool for me, especially in times of stress of depletion.   My interest in the universe, spirituality and vibrational medicine was fuelled by my parents who were way ahead of the times back then. Discussing and measuring energy fields, homeopathy, and the vibrational universe were common topics of discussion in my family. 

I have always loved personal development, learning about myself and others and how to improve and heal oneself at the same time.  My belief is that when you change yourself the world around you changes.  I've gained invaluable knowledge, made great friends, manifested my heart's desires and taken control of my health through various courses, including Tony Robbins Mastery University, Tony Robbins' Law of Attraction Seminar, over 10 years of experience in Conscious Breathwork. I am a qualified NLP Practitioner and qualified Reiki level 2 Practitioner, Scenar Practitioner, Low-Level Laser Practitioner and Healing Codes practitioner.

Using the skills and experience I’ve developed over the years, together with Greg’s knowledge and experience, you will land in an environment like no other. Together we have put together several programs that will suit everyone’s financial and emotional needs. 

Our philosophy is 'come as you are, don't stay as you are’.

I look forward to meeting you and supporting you in your transformation.

With love from Sam x

Yoga Class


We offer guided, spiritual trips of a lifetime to magical India. Beginning your adventure in luxury at the Eros Shangri-La hotel in Delhi.

Daily activities will include inspirational talks, guided group breathwork sessions, yoga, and meditation - all at a leisurely pace.

We visit a magnificent temple and 3 famous Ashrams in the Himalayas.

We spend 10 days experiencing the famous Ayurvedic Panchakarma detox package in a peaceful Ashram.

With  2 wonderful treatments per day.

Get in touch to register your interest.


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