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Cold Water Therapy

Learning Through Nature


Do You Want To Enjoy The Benefits Of Cold Water?

Do you want to increase your levels of self awareness?

Do you want to overcome mental agitation by learning to control your mind? 

This is a life-changing experience which helps you to step beyond illusions and limitations while understanding the power of your biology.

Are you ready to step beyond previous mental & physical limitations? 


What Is Cold Water Therapy?

Cold Water Therapy is a broad term used to describe the many profound and significant benefits people are getting from exposing themselves to water temperatures below 15 degrees. By allowing the body to do what the body does best, the cold water sends messages to the brain. It has been shown to have a positive impact on physical and mental well-being. The effect for most people is an increase in alertness and energy as well as a sharpening of your focus.

A common examples of cold water Therapy is the Wim Hof method. 

On this short retreat,breathwork that we will be practising. All forms of breathwork are used for different things and they are not all the same. 

Cold water therapy creates biochemical changes in the body through the exposure to cold. By understanding and utilising additional supportive meditation techniques which you will be taught, you lerrn to expand and settle into the cold water. These changes you experience help you to move beyond previously held limiting beliefs. It is totally safe, powerful and extremely transformative.  

The Benefits Of Cold Water Therapy

We are at the beginning of our understanding of this perfect supplement to a healthy lifestyle.

  • Boost your metabolism and support weight loss.

  • Improve Lymphatic Circulation

  • Improve Cardiovascular Circulation

  • Improve hair & skin quality

  • Increase testosterone

  • Enhance your mood & happiness.

  • Can improve sleep

  • Reduce muscle inflammation & soreness 

Join Us:

1/2 Day Introductory Cold Water  Retreat. 

A short 1/2 day introduction costing just £70, which includes the cost of the experience and all tuition.

Group bookings welcome and please contact us directly for dates. ​


No upcoming events at the moment
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