Meditation Retreat 

Find deep inner peace and direction


Do you feel like life is passing you by?

​This tranquil weekend has been lovingly designed for those wanting to take back self-control and find a true sense of calm, peace and direction in all that they do. 

Do you feel constantly overwhelmed, stressed out and exhausted? 

Or do you feel like life is simply happening 'to you' and has spiraled out of your control? 

Are you ready to get calmly and lovingly back in the driving seat, with a passionate sense of direction and clarity? 

Join us on this three-day meditation retreat and learn the true art of meditation and how to take it forward with you.  


What To Expect?

On this meditation retreat, you will develop a better awareness of your mind and begin to learn how to control the individual thoughts, the collective ideas, the values, the beliefs, and the identities that are controlling everything that you do, think and feel. Everything that is going on in your mind.

In our western culture, most people aren't meditating. And of those that do, often they are not truly meditating, they are simply relaxing. We can use the relaxation, the apps that are commonly available as a starting point. But then, start to discover what meditation actually is. What is the state of meditation? Ask yourself the question. It’s a journey that is so beautiful.

I implore you to begin to learn about it and get on the journey.

This retreat runs over three days (Friday Morning - Sunday Afternoon). 

The total cost is £600 per person.

This includes all tuition, comfortable accommodation with beautiful surroundings, and healthy delicious food throughout the course. 

Meditation Retreat
Time is TBD
St Catherine’s Cottage Patterdale Road Windermere LA23 1NH