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Gain total confidence and presence


Would you like to know how to SET POWERFUL GOALS and achieve them?

Or learn how to solve conflicts in both your business and personal RELATIONSHIPS?

Or learn how to create INSTANT RAPPORT with others.

This training is designed to show you how to GAIN CONTROL of your mind and ultimately your life. Helping you to understand and overcome the limiting beliefs which hold you back. 

It is time to EXPAND your consciousness to reveal your natural inbuilt courage and CONFIDENCE.

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What is NLP about?

NLP is fundamentally about you and me… human beings! More specifically it’s about how we think, how we learn, the ways in which we devise strategies for coping with the world, how we behave….and therefore whether we set ourselves up for easy success!

NLP provides us with a way of understanding not only ourselves, but other people too, and learning to communicate with them in the most appropriate and effective way possible.

NLP provides tools and resources for inspiration, motivation, and success. It brings accelerated learning and advanced teaching techniques, improves confidence, and motivation.

And it generates a spirit and attitude of excellence in those who embrace it, fostering a culture of wanton curiosity that encourages people to question and discover more about themselves, others and the world around us.

NLP helps to reduce conflict and stress and encourages the individual to take personal responsibility for their life.

NLP does not require you to believe in anything. It is simply a set of tools and resources which you can pick up and use, or put down as you wish. If you find something doesn’t work too well for you (and you probably will at some point) then you are encouraged to leave it behind and move on to find something that does.

NLP is about training your mind to experience the wonders, not focus on the problems. It’s about learning to let go of things which have held us back, and live the life we want to live, however that may be.

It’s about getting our outcomes…it’s not a theory, it’s about finding out what works….and achieving the results!

So consider where and how NLP could be useful to you….

In your business life
In your family life
In your social life
In knowing and achieving your dreams

How does it work? 

NLP started back in the 1970s when two people, Richard Bandler and John Grinder asked the question…”What makes excellent people excellent?  What is it that they do differently compared to others that sets them apart?”

The question so intrigued Richard and John that it became a university research project, and they went out to find people who were top of the tree, the best in their chosen fields, and closely observed them over a matter of time, hoping to find the answer.

What they discovered astonished them. They found a number of underlying “patterns of behaviour”. They discovered these patterns of behaviour were present in the way these people spoke, the words they used, how they sat, the manner in which they presented themselves, even how their breathing was.

“If it is possible in the world, then it is possible for me!”

After a while, they began to realise that each of the subjects they were studying didn’t really know what it was that they did that made them brilliant….they just naturally did it. Richard and John understood that even though the patterns of behaviour were so unconscious and natural, that they could, in fact, be replicated, and they began themselves, just by following the patterns of behaviour, to achieve similar results without having the lifetime of knowledge and experience….NLP Modelling was born, and it remains a fundamental part of the teaching of NLP…the theory is that if one person can do a thing, that another can too. 

NLP then developed further…the patterns which worked time after time after time were “coded”, that is they were written down so that others could simply learn them, and the technology has developed and grown massively. Thirty-five years later, NLP is known worldwide for its incredible results and is used by some of the worlds’ most successful people including:

Barack Obama - Former US President
Bill Clinton - Former US President
Tony Blair - Former UK Prime Minister

Oprah Winfrey - American executive, actress, and television producer 

Andre Agassi - Former World Champion Tennis Player
Anthony Robbins - One of the best personal development speaker in the world
Paul McKenna - Famous hypnotist and therapist, the prodigy of Richard Bandler (co-developer of NLP)

Lily Allen - Singer-songwriter
Bill Gates & Warren Buffet -  Two of the Worlds’ richest men (who didn’t inherit their wealth!)
Derren Brown - Entertainer and Mentalist

By now, you may be beginning to realise that NLP is exceptionally powerful and takes people to the top. 

How can it help me in business? 

NLP is regarded by some of the worlds’ top CEOs and entrepreneurs as one of the most powerful tools a business professional can have in their “kit bag”!

NLP motivates people to be completer-finishers!

NLP inspires people to be creative, to have ideas, explore them, and be able to communicate them to others!

NLP brings an understanding of process to a business, allowing it to be more productive and less wasteful!

NLP challenges individuals to take total personal responsibility, and stop making excuses!

NLP enables people to achieve their outcomes simply!

NLP provides tools to assist you in closing deals!

NLP helps you to take your customers elegantly on a “journey”, so they can experience what it would be like with your product/service!

NLP assists people in moving beyond stress and into optimum states of being which allow them to let go of frustrations and be more focused on the task at hand!

NLP makes it easy to move from blue skies thinking into minute detail, which helps formulate strategies!

NLP gives you many ways to get a conversation moving in the direction you want it!

NLP is energetic and fun and encourages always learning.

NLP prevents conflict and provides resources in dealing with challenges in a calm and balanced way

NLP simply gets results!

We know that not everybody will immediately believe the above statements, however, we also know that they probably haven’t learned NLP yet! 

Why train with Greg? 

Greg Garrett is an established therapist, coach, and Trainer of Hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). For over 25 years he has worked with clients and students inspiring them to reach their potential in their business and personal life. 

Greg is a successful entrepreneur, with a desire to help responsible individuals and businesses reach their potential. He has combined many years as a top-performing individual in financial services, with board positions in other companies that include property, merchandising and technology.

Greg has discovered and witnessed first hand the benefits that Hypnosis and NLP can bring to any individual or business and so by integrating these tools into his practice, he is able to work with his clients in an entirely new way enabling them to make profound changes in their lives. 

Greg is a frequently requested speaker and consultant, working with many individuals, businesses, colleges and also in politics. Whenever he works he enjoys integrating NLP into the processes of teaching, coaching, sales training, learning, performance and NLP seminars.

Greg works daily with "people like you" so they can master the skills that will have the biggest impact and create changes in their lives, as well as the lives of others.

  • 'Incredible accomplished excellent mentor/teacher. Cannot wait to be in his presence again.'

  • 'I have achieved and will continue to achieve my sales have's life-changing stuff.'

  • 'Superb pacing, fantastic rapport and a huge degree of patience. The obvious integrity allowed us to feel relaxed whilst enjoying the challenges and learnings.'

Join us on this 10-Day NLP Practitioner Course. 

This course runs over 10 days (Friday - The following Sunday). 

The total cost is normally £2,000 per person.

We are offering a 50% discount throughout 2020 to all of our courses as an introductory offer. 

To book this course for just £1000 we ask that you give us honest feedback and a testimonial at the end of the course. 

This includes all tuition, comfortable accommodation with beautiful surroundings, and healthy delicious food throughout the course. 


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