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Total Resonance Stays 

Tailored to your needs.

Are you dealing with a big change in your life?  Have you lost your job, got divorced, or arrived at financial freedom? 

Are you looking for contentment, fulfillment, and a sense of real purpose?

Are you here to create a new map of the world?

Sam and Greg open up their home in the Lake District to you. These retreats offer intensive 1-2-1 daily coaching, transform your lifestyle, and introduce life-changing daily practices.

Please note that enrollment to these retreats is subject to application and interview in order to check suitability. 


Create a life of balance, alignment and resonance

Yoga Room

Daily yoga

Meditation Room & Relaxation Room

Learn true meditation

Hot Tub & Cold Tub

Practice breathwork

Fire Pit 

Transformational coaching


Food & Nutrition

Nurture your body with high quality organic food and reshape your diet.


Do you need to do something radical to save your life?

The mind was never meant to be running your life, in fact, the mind should be more accurately seen as the pauper who stole the prince’s throne. To remove stress and anxiety from your life, you also need to remove the pauper from the throne. Once the pauper has been removed the prince or princess can be restored to their rightful place.   

If you find yourself struggling with one or many aspects of life, it’s probably good for you to hear that in fact, life stretches everyone in different ways. If you find yourself wanting to make sense of, or wanting to understand life, then it may be helpful for you to know that you are in the company of scientists. Scientists who realise that in the universe there is more unknown than known. 

In many ways, we all live the life of a great adventurer and mountaineer. The better prepared we are, the more enjoyable the journey normally is. Experience, teamwork, fitness, maps, clothes, equipment, food and nutrition… We can prepare by doing smaller climbs, reading books or speaking with other experienced people that have done the journey before (be careful though, you need to locate the right books and the right people). Unpredictable aspects and hazards can appear on the journey eg. weather systems, changes in the landscape, miscalculations, being off the map and being misguided by others.

For those of us ready to take on your life's many character-forming climbs, regardless of where you currently find yourself, the quality of this upward journey through your life will be determined by your ability to maintain your focus of attention and therefore maintain the upward direction you are choosing to head in. For the untrained mind, the journey through life appears to be randomly populated with ups, downs, and sideways movements. Your ability to maintain your upward course will directly influence your ability to eventually arrive at the top of the mountain. Life events that challenge you, appear to be continually looking to present obstacles, in an attempt to either make you stronger or steal your attention and blow you off course.

The untrained mind is the instrument that most often takes us off course.


What are the options?

If you would like to apply for one of these retreats please get in touch. The dates will be tailored to you or to you and one or two others. These courses only run with very small groups to make sure each participant gets sufficient support and guidance. 

A week would run from Monday to Sunday. The two-day taster option is only available at weekends (Friday, Saturday, check out Sunday).

Each option includes accommodation and delicious, nutritious food throughout the duration of your stay. 

Activities to expect include meditation, yoga, breathwork, walks, therapies, and treatments (massage/coaching session/ conscious touch.) 

People on the longer programs will get a set number of additional treatments each week, as well as specific lecturers, 1:1 guidance, and 1:1 coaching.

Please get in touch and we will get back to you. 


A weekend of resonance 

2 night taster weekend £200.00 

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7 days of Resonance 

1 week £3,300.00

14 days of resonance 

2 weeks £6,600.00

Yoga at Home

21 days of resonance 

3 weeks £9,900.00

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Get in touch to book

St Catherine’s Cottage
Patterdale Road 
LA23 1NH

07885 480 303

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