Thank you For Enrolling On “Changing Your Reality”

You have taken an important next step towards cleaning up your agitated mind and enjoying the possibility of undertaking a journey to your unconditional freedom & happiness.  

The Problem or Challenge - The Pandemic

When I’m asked, ‘what is the biggest challenge we face as a society today?’ I respond simply by saying, ‘solving the challenge of dealing with the agitated mind.’

We are caught in a pandemic, just not the one most people are focused on. Mental agitation from a lifetime of poor programming, automated mental conditioning, mental viruses and mental apps left open are wreaking havoc while adversely affecting almost everyone on the planet.

The Solution - An Investment Into Your Mental Hygiene:

Because we didn’t arrive with a manual for the mind at birth or someone to visit who has all the answers regarding how you can choose to change your agitated mind, we need a starting point.

By way of a simple analogy, just as your dental hygiene is important to your mouth, your mental hygiene is important to enjoying your healthy mind.

One starting point, I believe is this 6-hour Zoom workshop experience which has been described as ‘having a long-overdue mental check-up, like a mental clean and polish.’

Following The Gandhi Principal:

I love being in good company, so like me, you are clearly another human being taking the time to responsibly do your own inner work and to transform yourself. If we each do our own work, we can make this world a better place, one person at a time.

As Gandhi said, “be the change you wish to see in the World!”

What To Bring: 

Bring an open mind, a deep curiosity, and a sense of adventure. You will need a pen and to download this booklet to complete either electronically or print it off. (Go to File - Download - And then select the format that is best for you.)

We will let you know when the next workshop is running and send you a Zoom link to join. Don’t worry if you can’t make it, you will be able to join the next one that works for you. 

Love, light & laughter,

Greg x